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Welcome to the wonderful world of automation! I have toyed around with this for awhile and have a few things automated in my house. First use I have developed is a simple one. When someone walks into the house at night a light turns on illuminating the pathway to the light switches. I also have lights programmed to let me know when I have visitors. When I'm in my A/V room the music is usually louder or there is a movie playing, so I have a light set to turn on as soon as the door is opened to the room. This helps immensely by turning lights on in the darkened theater room to illuminate the walkways. Also at Christmas time its a great help cause you can program them to come on and go off by themselves or at the touch of a button. I use my Lexicon 700t or remote and a few learning remotes I purchased from X-10 to control everything! I'll try to get more on this page soon.




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