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My System
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I'm enclosing here, a breakdown of my system, component by component for those audiophiles who like to know exactly what each piece is. These units were selected primarily for their sound quality, company reputation, and reliability, and so far have worked very well. The latest addition was the DVD package, digital processor, and DVD player. Believe me, Dolby Digital System is definitely everything they say it is! So here goes!

First, I'll start with the Electronics:

Sony MDS-JE510 Mini Disc Player
Harmon/Kardon 8550 Compact Disc Changer
Sony TA E -9000ES Dolby Digital Surround Control Amplifier
Toshiba 5109 Progressive scan player
Marantz Multi Laser Disc Player LV 520
Pioneer PDR 555RW Compact Disc Recorder
Adcom ACE 515 Power Conditioners (2)
Harmon/Kardon FM 8550 5 Disk changer 

Nakamichi CD Player 2 - 7 Disc Changer
Sony SAT AD-50 Dolby Digital Satellite System
Sony SAT-B1 Satellite System
Sony SLV-720 VHS Hi-Fi Video Cassette Recorder
Nakamichi CR 2A Cassette Deck
Technics SL-D3 Direct Drive Turntable with a M24H cartridge (Not Pictured)
Technics SAGX 130 Stereo receiver (Runs a pair of Niles OS-10 Speakers that are located out by the pool. For when it's too hot in the basement! (Not Pictured)
Lexicon 700t Remote Control
Niles SPX-6  six speaker selector

Now lets get to the Speakers:

Main Speakers: Infinity 9 Kappa Reference Standard Speakers
(the older ones) that love to have lots and lots of POWER, but sound fantastic. Someone once told me at a Stereo Shop, "You need an arc welder to drive those speakers!"
A true 5 way system, the 9k is the ultimate expression of Kappa technology. It excels not only in coherence, but at both ends of the spectrum. Two 12" cast frame, L/C tuned woofers take bass response down to 29Hz (with enough punch to be convincing) while the SEMIT k supertweeter has superior top octave dispersion, with response past 44kHz. A rear firing EMIT k is combined with rear radiation from the 3" Polydome, making this loudspeaker a true dipole for almost half of it's frequency range. Such a radiation pattern produces the truest representation of a soundstage, recreating the natural ambiance in a recording. For all of its performance capabilities, this is a reasonably compact system with a shallow cabinet and a small footprint.

k9tnl.JPG (5539 bytes)
Frequency Response: 29Hz - 45kHz +-3dB
Crossover Frequencies: 80Hz - 800Hz - 4500Hz
Power Rating: 60-340 watts RMS
Sensitivity: 89dB @ 1 watt, 1 meter
Nominal Impedance: 4 - 6 ohms
Dimensions: 59.9 * 21.5 * 8
Weight: 112 lbs.

bar.gif (8656 bytes)

Center Channel: Infinity Kappa Center Channel Speaker.

Rear Surrounds: Carver Cinema Surround 5.1

Remote Locations:         Radio Shack In-walls located in the Kitchen area.
                                         Radio Shack In-walls located in the master bedroom.
                                         Polk Monitor 2's
                                         Polk Mini Monitors located in the family room
                                         Niles OS-10 and OS - 7 located out at poolside. 

Sub-Woofers: Infinity SSW 212 Features 2-12" drivers and utilizes an internal 300 watt servo controlled amplifier. The second is a home made style box that contains two Polk Audio 12" sub woofers.

Driver Complement: Dual 12" IMGtm Woofers
Frequency Response: 25Hz to 120Hz
Crossover Frequency: Variable from 40Hz to 120Hz
Amplifier Power Output: 300 Watts RMS       
Dimensions: 20.25 * 31.5 * 11.25
Weight: 72 lbs.

Now for the Brute Strength of the System, The Power Amps:

Parasound HCA-2200II Ultra High Current Power amplifier to the woofers of the Infinity Kappa 9's.
Adcom 555 II High Current Power Amp to the Mids and highs of the Kappa 9's
Adcom 555 II Amp supports the Center Channel Kappa Video speaker and the other half drives the home-made subwoofer
A Carver TFM-6CB Power amplifier drives the Carver dipole rear surround speakers
Sansui B-1000 drives some of the remote mounted speakers throughout the house. All units added together total about 3,500 watts of power! and in the winter time, they also help heat the room!

Interconnects and Speaker Cables:
Monster Cables are my choice for cables. For the speakers I use a heavy 10g M1 cable from the Parasound to the Infinity woofers, and Powerline 3 cable handles the runs from the Adcom 555 II to the mids and highs. Most of the non- digital cables are Monster M1000, and other assorted Monster cable interconnects. Digital cables are from Monster and Apature. Center channel and Rear Surrounds get high quality 14 gauge speaker cable.


The Video is handled by a Sony VPL-VW10HT LCD projector. It's ceiling mounted about 14 feet from the screen.  The projector is rated for XGA resolution and is capable of reproducing all HDTV formats. It offers a very big, very bright picture. The projector operates very quietly and offers a razor sharp bright image. I am also using a Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol 120" Electric Screen. Click Here to View Picture!

The complete system was assembled over a period of about 8 years, and I guess with my newest additions added, it will be a little while before I upgrade it again. I think I just about have it where I want it! I'm told by friends and visitors that have seen it, This is Awesome! Seems they love the way it effortlessly reproduces all Audio and A/V programs at a concert or Cinema Theater levels. I just think it sounds good!

If you have a A/V system like mine or somewhat like it, and have it on the web, I'd really like to see it. I'd also like to hear your comments on my system. Please E-mail me with your address. I'll check it out as soon as I can!


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